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As part of our work for Studio DZO, we created a sign installation video for their client Spare Birdie, an upscale entertainment bar and grill in Austin, TX that features VR golf.

The sign installation video showcased the design and installation process of the custom-made sign created by Studio DZO. We used dynamic camera angles and time-lapse footage to capture the intricate details of the installation, highlighting the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating the sign.

The video was intended to be used on Spare Birdie's website and social media accounts, promoting the unique atmosphere and experience of their establishment. It also served as a testament to the high-quality design and fabrication services provided by Studio DZO.


The end result was a visually engaging and informative video that effectively communicated the unique design and installation process of the custom sign created by Studio DZO for Spare Birdie.

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