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Salado Glassworks is a premier glass art studio and gallery that offers unique handcrafted glassware products. To enhance their online presence and showcase their beautiful products, they hired me to create a visual content package for their website.
Our scope of work included product photography, lifestyle photography, team portraits, and a promotional vid

Portrait Photography


We took team portraits for Salado Glassworks to capture the unique personalities of their artisans. We used natural light and external lighting and interesting backgrounds to create interesting and creative portraits that showcase the beauty and artistry of their craft. The portraits are an important part of their marketing materials, establishing a personal connection with customers and reinforcing their brand identity.

Commercial Photography


We provided commercial photography services for Salado Glassworks to showcase their glass art pieces in residential settings. Collaborating with an interior designer, we arranged different pieces to complement the décor of each home, capturing the intricate details and vibrant colors using natural light and varied angles. The resulting high-quality images have been a valuable asset for the brand's marketing and promotion.

Lifestyle Photography


We also captured lifestyle photography of the glassblowers at Salado Glassworks, showcasing the passion, skill, and artistry that goes into creating each glass piece. Our photographs captured the process of blowing, shaping, and finishing each piece and were used on the brand's website and social media accounts to provide an engaging glimpse into the creation process.

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