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GRAV is a pioneering and innovative manufacturer specializing in crafting high-quality glass products designed for the consumption of cannabis. With several years of collaboration, I have cultivated a deep understanding of GRAV's brand identity and product offerings. This long-standing partnership has allowed me to consistently create content that aligns with GRAV's vision, values, and market positioning. As GRAV continues to innovate and introduce new products, I remain dedicated to producing content that effectively showcases their evolving range.

Product Highlights Videos


My work includes producing captivating videos that highlight the features, functionalities, and unique aspects of GRAV's glassware products. These videos aim to provide potential customers with a comprehensive understanding of what sets GRAV products apart.

Lifestyle Videos


Through lifestyle videos, I've depicted the experience of using GRAV glassware. The videos showcase moments of relaxation, camaraderie, and enjoyment, conveying the role these products play in enhancing social and personal experiences.

"Behind The Design" Videos


As an exciting addition to the content lineup, I have produced "Behind the Design" videos. In these videos, GRAV's primary glass designer, "Micah Evans" takes center stage, offering insights into the creative process behind each glassware product. Through engaging narratives, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the inspiration, ideation, and meticulous craftsmanship that culminate in GRAV's exceptional designs.

Lifestyle Photography


In lifestyle photography sessions, I've portrayed GRAV products in real-life settings, demonstrating how seamlessly they integrate into the cannabis lifestyle. These images emphasize the practicality and aesthetic value of GRAV glassware, creating a relatable connection with potential customers.

Still Life Product Photography


My collaboration with GRAV involves expertly capturing their glassware products in a way that highlights their design, features, and versatility. The product photography aims to convey the essence of each piece, appealing to both cannabis enthusiasts and those seeking sophisticated, functional glassware.

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